WeCare Members Update: Generating More Sales With Clearly Priced Items

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WeCare Members Update

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Great Value Price Flash - 02

The Importance of Clearly Priced Items:

Research has shown that when people see a price immediately, they are more likely to buy the item there and then. How do you sell more? Make it easy for customers to buy!

If you go into any well-known retail store, you’re likely to see shelf strips on ALL the shelves, with clearly marked shelf talkers indicating product description, price and pack size. Over and above those basics, there are usually promotional
price flashes, seasonal posters and informational signs (e.g. clinic services) throughout the store.

Merchandising Items - 02

We Do All the Heavy Lifting:

We’ve identified that many of our pharmacy owners simply don’t have time or human resources to fix up these basics in their front shops.

In our previous mail, we announced that the “new kids on the block” – our WeCare Merchandisers, do all of this for you.

They’ll come in and measure up your shelves, look at the different options (there is a different strip for glass shelves as an example) and organize the strips. Then they set aside a full day to come and put the strips up for you.

This service is free to WeCare members, you only pay for the strips.

The WeCare Merchandisers also train pharmacy staff on how to organize and maintain shelves between merchandiser visits.


Merchandising Update - June 2018

But Wait, There’s More 😉

Once we’ve helped you get the basics right, you can start looking at the WECARE MERCHANDISING CATALOGUE to enhance your front shop even more and create that exciting customer experience that generates sales and keeps feet coming through the door.

Something simple like an aisle or category indicator can help your customers find products more easily and we have options for any pharmacy layout. How about one for “Liver and Heart” or “Brain Boosters”? You could have one for “Queue Here” or “Pay Here” – the possibilities are endless.

Our design team are constantly working on new additions to the pack and if there’s a special item you want designed, we’ll do our best to make it happen.


Defocussed view of grocery store aisle

WeCare Pharmacy Network view of grocery store aisle


So, did you make the call to set up a meeting with a WeCare Merchandiser?
If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?


Call the Business Centre on 087 802 2621 today to schedule your
FREE Merchandising consultation!


Kind Regards,
Mandy Hoffeldt | National WeCare Manager


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