Top 5 Tested Vape Liquids For Mouth To Lung

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If you’ve just started vaping, you most likely have heard of Mouth to Lung and Direct To Lung vaping. So what the hell does it mean? Well the easiest way to understand the difference is really in the wording.

When we puff on a cigarette, we draw the smoke into our mouth, then inhale into our lungs: Mouth To Lung. Direct lung is a little harder to describe unless of course, you have smoked a bong or shisha before!!  Direct To Lung is just like breathing. When we breathe, we don’t fill our mouth and then inhale, we draw air directly into our lungs. Vaping on a direct lung device is sucking vapour directly into your lungs.

Each style of vaping requires different types of juice. There is some cross over in liquids that will work in both, but generally speaking, direct lung juice is a thicker consistency and can burn out mouth to lung devices coils.

In this article, we will have a look at vape liquids that are perfect to use in the mouth to lung devices and most importantly, are tested for quality.

So why is testing important? 

Untested vape liquids have the potential to contain Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s), Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines (TSNA’s) and Diethylene Glycol (DEG) On top of that, some of the flavours used in vape liquid have been shown to convert to Acetals when added to PG.

Knowing your vape liquid has been tested for these chemicals is important as you gave up smoking to avoid toxic and potentially carcinogenic chemicals, so why would you want your vape juice to be anything other than the best.

Here is a list of the top 5 best, tested vape liquids for mouth to lung devices.

Ecigforlife Reserve 

Ecigforlife Reserve vape liquids are manufactured by Atmos Lab in Greece with recipes created by Ecigforlife. Atmos Lab is the first Vape Liquid Laboratory that is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 international standard. Every month they have their products analysed by the toxicology laboratory of medical school in the University of Thessaly and Crete to prove there are no TSNA’s of PAH’s. The PG and VG used is the highest quality and as such, Ecigforlife Reserve Range is 70VG/30PG yet are not thick and gluggy as they are triple filtered. They work perfectly in MTL devices, as they are thin enough to wick even the smallest coils. 

To top off the quality side of things, these juices taste amazing. They are accurate to their name and that’s one thing I really like about them; the name indicates the flavour, unlike a lot of juices with weird names and non-descript flavours. Yes, they are more expensive than other juices, but can you put a price on your health?

Top Picks

Euro Leaf Reserve – Euro Leaf Reserve is appreciated as the closest alternative to the taste of traditional cigarettes. The full yet smooth tobacco flavour has undertones of sandalwood, leaving a subtle taste in the mouth.

Hazelnut Mocha Reserve – Pure indulgence. A subtle explosion!! Bringing together the extremity of double shot espresso with a delicate splash of hazelnut liqueur. This decadent e-liquid is topped off with a light dusting of Cinnamon sugar.  A very exquisite e-liquid and a must for the self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur

Black Note 

In the world of vape juice, Black Note has undoubtedly managed to distinguish itself from the rest with their finest quality tobacco vape juice. If you want to have a perfect tobacco vape experience, Black Note vape juice is must-try for you.  Using different types of Tobacco blends grown around the world and steeping them into a 50/50 PG/VG blend, the real characteristics of each blend really does shine.

Importantly, Black Note also has their juice tested by a lab and their vape liquids been proven to not contain Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Acrolein, Acetoin, Ethylene Glycol, Acetone. They also don’t use any artificial colours, sweeteners, dyes or other additives in their naturally extracted tobacco e-juices.

With their cold macerated, naturally extracted tobacco vape liquid, you get all the flavour of real tobacco, without any real tobacco in it. 

Top Picks

Quartet: Latakia Blend A rare blend with a remarkable flavour, Syrian Latakia tobacco is sun-cured and then smoke-cured using aromatic herbs and fragrant woodsy plants in controlled fires. The result is a peppery, smoky taste that’s as robust as it is delicious.

Legato: Kentucky BlendEarthy, smooth and subtly nutty, Black Note’s Legato features a Kentucky tobacco grown in the rolling slopes of Tuscany. A patient flue-curing process ensures natural resins are released through gradually increasing temperatures, resulting in a solid American blend with a gracious Italian flair.

3. Liqua by Ritchy

Liqua is a vape company that has been around for a very long time. Since mid-2009 to be precise, and since then they have been consistent in providing high-quality vape liquids. They have flavours suitable to anyone’s palate and operate at a very high level of compliance. 

Their 4 pillars of their regulatory/compliance system ensure a high-quality product that not only tastes great but is compliant with EU regulations, has quality and product management, and have formulations that are safe and do not contain banned substances by the TPD.

All in all, Liqua produces vape liquids that are easy to vape, have great flavours that are never too sweet and can be enjoyed by vapers of any age.

Top Picks

Liqua Menthol This menthol is perfect! It’s got the right amount of freshness and the flavour is consistently good. It doesn’t have the mouthwash flavour a lot of menthols have nor does it have any tobacco flavour. It is a clean, crisp, peppermint like flavour that is perfect for anyone who smoked menthol or a vaper wanting a fresh change.

Dark Tobacco Previously called French Pipe, Dark Tobacco is one of the nicest and most original tobacco flavours on the market. Dark Tobacco tastes like you are having a cigarette whilst eating a scotch finger biscuit and drinking Frangelico. It’s delightful and a tobacco flavour for someone who only vapes tobacco flavours but wants to venture out to different flavours.

Zero Cig

Zero Cig has been around for a long time. Manufactured in Greece by Atmos Lab, tailored to the Australasian market, Zero Cig have bold, clean flavours that taste like the real thing. 

With the same quality standards as Ecigforlife Reserve you know you are getting tested, triple filtered, quality vape liquid. Their flavours are as the title describes which is great for all types of vapers. Mixed at 70VG/30PG with a double shot of flavour, they give great vapour and perfect flavour. With Zero Cig, you know what you are getting. Apple tastes like real apple and strawberry tastes like strawberry. 

Top Picks

Grind Zero – This is a flavour for coffee lovers. It is smooth and tastes like real coffee.  People who have vaped it say it’s not too sharp and not too light, it’s just right. 

Vandi Zero – Who doesn’t like a Golden Gaytime? Well Vandi tastes just like it. Notes of vanilla ice cream, caramel and biscuit. If you ever had JC Vanda and miss it, you’ll be very happy to vape Vandi Zero.

5. Five Pawns

Five Pawns is a brand that has taken the quality and craftsmanship of the vaping world to a whole new level. You can count on Five Pawns USA vape juices range if you are adamant on getting high quality and great tasting vape juices. Made at 50VG/50PG these juices wick well but hold enough viscosity to run in both MTL and DL. 

Five Pawns flavours are very complex, well thought out and fun. They have cool branding and cool names, which is great, but be sure to read the flavour description as they will not indicate what it will taste like but you can be sure it will taste great.

Top Picks

Castle Long – For me, this flavour tastes like coconut and brown sugar. It’s delightful. An all day vape for sure. Their description says “a combination of the dark, refined spirit of Kentucky Bourbon, accented with toasted coconut, roasted almond, Madagascar vanilla bean, and laced with a caramelized brown sugar.” Now I don’t get the bourbon and not so much the almond but it sure sounds good!

Taken Three Isolani – This is a flavour that many manufacturers have tried but Five Pawns have nailed it in my opinion. Glazed Lemon Zest Sugar Cookie is the official description and I must say, it’s banging on. It’s lemony, it’s sugary and it’s got a great cookie flavour. Isolani is a smooth all day vape that is perfectly balanced between zesty and round.


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