South Africa: When HIV funds are as easy as withdrawing money

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Cornel Rikhotso enters the air-conditioned side-wing of a shopping center in the Alexandra Township to read. There are four large machines standing side by side with screen, card slot and output tray, Rikhotso second from the left. He pulls out a smart card from his pocket and pushes it into the flashing device.

A pharmacist in a green coat appears on the Display. “You speak with Joanna,” says the woman, who is live. “I’ll help you to get your medication.” After a data comparison, you ask Rikhotso according to current complaints. “All right,” he replies. Johanna taps on your keyboard, on the other side of the machine, an electronic arm starts moving and picks up a small box with 28 pills Atroiza, the lands shortly after, chattering in the output. Because Rikhotso draws no cash – but a vital drug.

The 50-Year-old is one of 600,000 people who live in the Metropolitan area of Johannesburg with HIV. In the whole of South Africa there are 7.5 million, no country in the world has more Infected. Atroiza is a combination of resources, which pushes the Virus back and the patients with regular use of a largely normal life can provide – if you come because of the pills. Although the South African state since 2004, all Affected free HIV drugs available.

But this does not mean that they will reach out to the sick (see Infobox). 44 per cent of people infected with HIV in South Africa, no or irregular medicines. One of the main reasons for this: The health system is chronically overloaded, there are too many Affected, too little pharmacies, clinics, and Doctors. 

HIV and Aids in South Africa HIV and Aids in South Africa

In no country in the world, more those living with HIV-Infected than in South Africa. 7.5 million people carry the Virus, roughly equivalent to every fifth adult. However, this should change: The government wants to reduce the number of new infections per year by 2022, currently at around 270,000 to under 100,000. For this, she has started the world’s largest programme to combat HIV.


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