#SafetyBeltSelfie Make road safety a priority this festive season

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THE Clean Up Squad has launched its 2018 #SafetyBeltSelfie campaign in an effort to curb the alarming road fatalities during the festive season.

The campaign, held in partnership with Kingmedia, is aimed at promoting responsible driving by having motorists showing off how they can be cool with their belts on.

Social media activist Khutsi Malala came up with the campaign in 2015 after he lost his brother and best friend in separate car accidents.

Malala said he was moved to do a simple meaningful campaign that would get young people to abide by the rules of the road.

“It is no secret, the statistics around road fatalities are disturbing year in year out. More and more young people are dying due to drinking and driving, fatigue and texting while driving,” he said.

Malala is rallying all motorists and passengers to be ambassadors of safe driving during the festive season and take selfies when the car is not in motion.

“This year, we have decided to have fun responsibly; one road fatality is too much, and let us ensure that people are safe during the festive season.

“A safety belt is very powerful; once a driver puts it on, the passengers as well start wearing their belts too.

“Physiologically it changes the mood of the trip, and the driver can be influenced to drive responsibly,” he said.

Every week, motorists with the cool selfies will be rewarded with cool prizes, including airtime, data and petrol vouchers.

Malala said that they would be judging participants based on their creative when taking selfies. “Last year, we saw people having fun with their family members, while the creative ones buckled up with two belts. The secret here is having fun responsibly,” said Malala.

The campaign started on December 1 and is expected to end on January 2, 2019.

Those who want to participate in the challenge are encouraged to tag The Clean Up Squad on Facebook and Khutsi Malala across allplatforms.



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