National Burns Awareness Week

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The South African National Burn Safety Awareness Week is from 6 to 12 May. The National Burns Association of South Africa (NBASA) has some important information to share on burns awareness and safety.

Burns awareness and safety at home

• Have working smoke alarms in your home

• Have an ESCAPE plan • Use quick release devices on security-barred windows • Learn at least two escape routes/emergency exits from each room.

ARM yourself with KNOWLEDGE

• Use the correct equipment (fire extinguishers in the kitchen, etc.) • Keep Burnshield products for burns • Call 10177 for help in a fire situation or 112 on a cell phone.

Hot water or liquids can cause burns

• Adjust the temperature of the geyser to 55°C • When cooking with oil, have a lid nearby that can be quickly placed over any oil if it ignites. A wet cloth or baking powder can also be used to smother the flames
• Never throw water onto burning oil, it can spread the fire and also cause an explosion
• Have a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket available in the kitchen.

Electricity can cause fires or burns

• Do not overload electrical circuits, especially extension cords • Supplying other properties or buildings with electricity by using long extensions, especially if they cross streets, can lead to electrocution and fire • Never use electrical appliances with wet hands, in the bathroom or pool, as water conducts electricity • Always unplug heat-producing appliances when not in use, especially irons and heaters • A heater must be at least 1m away from anything that may catch fire (clothing, furniture or curtains). DO NOT dry clothes on a heater.

For more information visit the National Burn Awareness South Africa website.


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