Kickstart Positive Changes With These Corporate Wellness Week Ideas

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Week of Wellness HEROWith the holidays just around the corner, wellness is sure to be on the minds of many of your employees. Whether they are looking ahead to New Year’s resolutions and wondering how to get back on track or anticipating holiday weight gain, overall health and wellness is a trending topic this time of year. So, if your business is thinking about partnering with employees to promote corporate wellness, now is a great time to get started! Why not kick things off with some of these engaging corporate wellness week ideas?

4 Participation Boosting Activities for Corporate Wellness Week

Designating a corporate wellness week is the perfect time to launch or relaunch participation efforts for your workplace wellness program. Wellness activities at work don’t have to contain a lot of pomp and circumstance to entice employees to become involved. With minimal effort, your corporate work culture can produce maximum positive results; here’s how:


corporate wellness week ideas

  • Lunch and Learn – A corporate lunch and learn is a perfect activity to involve everyone in the office. Have an expert speak on any number of topical health issues including fitness, nutrition, stress management and tips for how to incorporate each into daily work routines.
  • Blaze A Trail – Even though it may not be warm enough to take a walk outdoors, encourage employees to get moving by marking out a trail (including distance markers) through your building. Encourage employees at every level of the company to walk together on breaks or even as they engage in collaborative conversations.
  • Create A Competition – Nothing gets people excited quite like health fitness challenge ideas that involve competition! Over the course of the week, invite departments or individuals to compete against one another as they make positive changes that promote adding more movement into daily routines.
  • Schedule a Health Fair – Host an onsite health fair complete with healthy snacks, an RN to help record vitals such as blood pressure and biometrics, and a massage therapist to provide chair massages.

Create Change That Lasts

Of course, true wellness doesn’t end after five days of these corporate wellness week ideas. Rather, use a week of group wellness activities to build inspiration and enthusiasm for a program that can engage employees for the long term. Then, partner with Wellworks For You to establish programs that will help your employees make the positive changes they need to feel, work, and live better. Call us now at 800-425-4657 to get started.

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