Is Keeping Fit As A Lifestyle Really That Hard?

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With the New Year already here, many of us have begun putting down our resolutions. A popular topic on most people’s list is getting healthier, either by eating more wholesomely, exercising more frequently, or both. However, we all know by now that New Year’s resolutions are rarely followed through.

In our own little way, we would like to change that for our readers who want to start an active lifestyle or pick up from where they stopped. It is possible to lose that holiday weight and keep it off in the year 2019. Most conversations I have had about fitness have a few things in common. One of them being complaints that working out is too tasking.

People always ponder how often they need to be working out and for how long. Here is the good news, you do not have to work out hours six times a week for two hours. The experts agree that a good mix of both cardio and strength training exercises for thirty to forty-five minutes a day is good enough to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The news gets better, you do not have to clock into the gym everyday like it is your job. Three to four times a week is great, especially if you have been a couch potato in the past. I think the mistake most ‘resolutioners’ make is taking up too much too quickly. You cannot expect to go from not being able to climb two flights of stairs without catching your breathe to training like an athlete.

Take baby steps and gradually increase either your activity level or your gym attendance. Do not get caught up in the pressure to do too much when you are not yet ready. The people around you who seem to be gym lovers started right where you are. Of course, I am not saying you should let yourself get into the rot of monotony. Both extremes can cause you to give up on your resolution early on.

The best way is to continuously challenge yourself while still pacing yourself. You can do that by changing the usual route of your morning run or experimenting with a new machine at the gym. Even just increasing your speed during your workouts will amplify your experience as well as burn more calories.

It is not rocket science so, do not make it feel like it is. The most important thing is that you get up and move. So, let this be the year we achieve all our resolutions. Slow and steady wins the race, they say. I am cheering you all on, you are not alone as I will be pushing myself to follow up with a few of my own resolutions. Some of which are to eat healthier, avoid junk foods, workout more, and ultimately lose a few pounds. It starts with a walk and hopefully it ends with a sprint.

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