How To Prepare Your Pharmacy For The Holidays

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Can you believe it? Christmas is less than two weeks away! This time of year brings an extra rush of business into the pharmacy right before the big day. Are you stressing out about the retail madness to come? Don’t because we have five tips to make sure your pharmacy is prepared for the busiest time of the year:

Outline Holiday Hours

Make sure your signage clearly reflects your holiday hours. If you have social media accounts, send out multiple reminders of what days you will be closed. This helps people come in earlier to pick up what they need, and should help diminish the rush of people the few days before Christmas.

Stock Up On Gift Cards

Promoting gift cards in your retail space, if available, is a great way to catch those last-minute shoppers picking up medication. Make your pharmacy a one-stop shop!

Check Inventory

If you live in an area that could have inclement weather over the holidays, double-check your inventory. Make sure you have enough supplies, like Medicine-On-Time cards and labels to help get you through the season if shipping becomes a problem due to ice or snow.

Run Backups

Perform a backup of your software daily! If you lose power due to the weather, you won’t lose important data.

Check Your Backup Batteries

Check your computer battery backups as well! You should have enough backup to keep your software functioning long enough to finish a transaction is the power goes out.

By doing these five things, you’ll be more prepared for the Christmas rush and will be able to react and recover quickly if bad weather strikes! Is there anything your pharmacy does to prepare for the Christmas rush?


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