A headache can hurt more than just your head

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London – Most will be familiar with the dull throb of a headache. But for many of us, a pain in the head can be a pain in the face, too.

Researchers found that one in 10 who suffer headaches will also battle pain in their jaw, teeth, cheeks and eye sockets. The study of nearly 3 000 sufferers found 291 reported symptoms of facial pain when they had a headache. Around 15 percent of those with cluster headaches – which occur repeatedly and affect only one side of the head – also had facial pain, including stabbing around the eyes. And two percent of the 1 935 migraine sufferers had facial pain, often in their jaw and teeth. 

The German researchers, from Hamburg University, said “facial migraine” should be classified as a new illness.

Professor Arne May, who led the study published in the journal Neurology, said: “It’s crucial we understand more about facial pain and whether it is the same disease as the headache, showing up in a different place, or whether they are two different syndromes.”

Ways to ease your headache:

  • resting in a dark, quiet place
  • placing an ice pack or a cold cloth on the forehead
  • drinking water

People with chronic migraine should see a doctor about preventive treatment. A doctor may diagnose a person with a chronic migraine if they have experienced headaches:

  • on more than 15 days per month
  • over a period of 3 months
  • of which at least eight-show symptoms of migraine


Article by:Daily Mail




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