5 amazing things you didn’t know about your own body

by WeCare Marketing
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While we may all think that we know our bodies pretty well, chances are there are amazing things you might not know about your body.

 blink is a micronap

One of the benefits, when you blink, is keeping your eyes moist or keep dust out of them.  However, closing our eyes briefly has been found, according to a study by Washington University, to help sharpen attention and serves as a miniature recharge.

It’s impossible to tickle yourself

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, a research fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London, explained to Scientific American. “We found that both these regions are less active during self-tickling than they are during tickling performed by someone else, which helps to explains why it doesn’t feel tickly and pleasant when you tickle yourself.”

Sneeze travels up to 6 meters

You may think you are safe if someone sneezes standing an arms length away but study suggest otherwise.  A video study conducted by researchers at MIT found that sneezes travel much farther than previously believed – as far as 6 meters.

Your hair can track your sleep

Researchers from Yamaguchi University have found that our cell-rich hair follicles contain RNA from “clock genes” that express each person’s sleep-wake cycle. Based on the study, your hair can track your early mornings and late nights. 

Your body position affects your memory

Researchers have found that sitting and looking downward will make it easier to recall negative memories, while sitting upright and looking upward makes it easier to recall positive, empowering memories.

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